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Green landscaping stone
Green landscaping stone
  • Green landscaping stone
  • Green landscaping stone

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  • color : Green
  • origin : China
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Landscaping Stone

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green landscaping stone

 Type:  Pebble/cobble
 Colors: black, gray, pink, pink, pure white, bloody red, yellow rusted, wooden stripe, green, brown, ocean blue, black-white
 Sizes:  5-8mm,8-15mm,10-20mm,20-30mm,30-50mm,50-80mm 
 Material:  machine-made stone
 Finish: tumbled/un-tumbled
 Grades: A Grade
 Productivity:  200 tons/month 
 Usage:  Indoor Or Outdoor Decoration,Flooring
 Packing:  10/18/20/25kg plastic/woven bag+ton bag/pallet/crate 
 Delivery: 7-15 workdays 
 Payment:  T/T,Western Union,L/C,Paypal
 POL:   Nanjing or Shanghai
Place of Origin:   Liuhe Distric, Nanjing City, China

1. These products have been taken from nature and cut to small pieces by machine then tumbled without using any chemical applications to enhance its natural look, with an antique finish to meet the end user taste. Due to inherent characteristics of the natural stone, wide variety of shade and color are normal. These characteristics have to be considered at the time of purchase.

2. Pebbles are often used as decorative gravel around the house. They have smoothly edged and can be used as path ways, top layer of driverways or in larger sizes for ditches. Loose pebbles can be creatively used to form different figures and designs. These pebbles are available in earthy tones and can also be used in combination with other stones.

3. They can be used in formal settings of business houses, personal settings for gardens and walking lanes of public parks. Natural pebbles are used for their durability, affordability and strength.

4. They also are valuable in controling weeds, prevent soil erosion, and retain soil noisture. Pebbles can be used along walk, walls and building foundations to prevent splash and provide an attractive, groomed appearance.

5. When it comes to surfacing material, pebble stone is the best choice.  These pebbles can be easily installed on your pool driveways, walks or planters in an area of the official sponsor style and class. The installation does not require any professional help. Our range of pebble stones are available in various shapes, colors and finishes. The spectrum includes Black Pebble Stone, White Pebble Stone, Yellow Pebble Stone, Red Pebble Stone, Striped black, gray, pink, pink, pure white, bloody red, yellow rusted, wooden stripe, green, brown, ocean blue, black-white.

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